Emilio's Story

Emilio ignites the stage with his fiery passion, infusing his music with rhythm, energy, and love. A masterful blend of Spanish Flamenco Style guitar with South American, African, and Middle Eastern rhythms, coupled with modern and new age influences, creates a meaningful and exhilarating musical experience.

Growing up surrounded by diverse cultures and music, Emilio's upbringing deeply influences his artistry. "From profound Flamenco melodies to lively Merengue beats, the richness of these experiences stays with you," Emilio shares.

As a producer, writer, arranger, and master guitarist, Emilio sets a new standard for Flamenco Style guitar music. His joyous playing and captivating musical mystique have garnered a devoted following of instrumental music enthusiasts drawn to his dynamic style of nouveau flamenco.

With seven acclaimed CDs, including the highly praised "E-Thology," Emilio has sold over 65 thousand copies worldwide. His performances grace prestigious venues such as the Irvine Barclay, OC Pavilion, Disney, and the St. Regis Resort, captivating audiences across the United States and Europe. Emilio's talents have also been showcased for esteemed corporations like Apple, L'Oreal, and Microsoft, as well as renowned casinos such as Caesar's Palace and Red Rocks.

Additionally, Emilio's philanthropic endeavors extend to charitable entities like The Make-A-Wish Foundation and The C.H.I.L.D. Foundation, where his performances bring joy and support to those in need.

Beyond his musical achievements, Emilio's creative spirit knows no bounds. Alongside producing CDs and concerts, he is currently writing a book, developing a clothing line, and crafting a documentary on the art and roots of Flamenco Music.

In 2022, Emilio embarked on a new chapter by relocating to Valencia, Spain, where the vibrant culture and natural beauty inspire his latest show and brand-new music. Stay tuned as Emilio continues to push artistic boundaries and share his passion with the world.